English Premier League 2013/14, Who Will Win the League Title?

With the start of the new season fast approaching it is a good time to have a look at the potential Premier League winners and in another post later the unfortunate three teams that will get relegated down to the English Championship.

First off let’s have a look at the short-list of likely winners, the amount of teams in the chase for the league is a matter of opinion, some would argue there are potentially six teams from the twenty that could win it, these being Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool. In reality I think you can ignore the latter three in that list as I think they will be fighting it out for fourth place and at a push possibly third. Loyal fans of the teams I have left to one side may well disagree but from a neutral point of view I just don’t think they will be able to sustain their title challenge all through the season.

So that leaves the big three Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea. It is going to be a close run thing between these three and so picking one is going to be a tough decision. Put each of their first XI on paper and they are pretty much evenly matched. I think Manchester City and Chelsea may have the edge when it comes to players though as they have been more active in the transfer market so far, plus it looks like Manchester United’s main target of the summer Cesc Fabregas is destined to stay at Barcelona, Not to mention the likely departure of Wayne Rooney possibly to Chelsea of all places! The transfer window is still open and if you believe the transfer gossip in the tabloids there will be plenty of comings and goings yet.

As it is difficult to separate the teams based on players I’m going to use the managers as my deciding factor.

Manchester United have lost to retirement arguably the best manager ever and have replaced him with a good manager in David Moyes, I just don’t believe that he be able to make the step up from mid table team to winning the league in his first season, mainly because I don’t think he will get as much out of the players as Sir Alex Ferguson did on such a consistent basis. So I’m bravely predicting it won’t be United who win the title.

Now Manchester City have a new manager in Pellegrini, he brings with him a lot of experience have managed at all levels and has inherited arguably on of the strongest squads in the league. With time still available in the tranfer market I’m sure it will only get stronger especially with a few players having left in-particular Carlos Tevez. But my concern with their title challenge is that it will take the new manager time to get to grips with the Premier League having not managed in England before, where unlike other european leagues the any team can win a game on their day. For this reason I am counting Manchester City out as well.

So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out, that leaves only Chelsea. Yes that is right my prediction for the Premier League title this year is Chelsea. I think in bringing back Jose Mourinho they have the best manager for the job having been here and done it before. Love him or hate him he brings success and titles to every club he manages, which is why he gets the top jobs even with the constant controversy that follows him around. But it takes more than just the manager and he has a very strong balanced squad (the defence could do with some strengthening in my opinion) it should be a winning combination.

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If you do decide to have a bet always remember that it should add to the fun of the Premier League football and you should never bet what you can’t afford. If like me you only bet £2-5 on a game or the 1st goal goal-scorer it certainly adds to the fun of watching the game without the stress of having a load of money riding on the outcome.

More importantly enjoy the upcoming football season, I for one can’t wait!!


Online Betting for Wimbledon Tennis

Tennis in Wimbledon 2010

Tennis in Wimbledon 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wimbledon tennis games are considered as the oldest tennis competitions all over the world. Also, there is no question that it owns the title of being the most prestigious among the four major sports tournaments worldwide. It is the only prestigious tournament which is actually played on grass, which depicts the concept of British gentility. Before the game came to what it is now, it all started with a simple club, running tournaments from time to time. The games, however, have steadily maintained its pace, and it eventually evolved to what it is currently known now.

Many people enjoy betting during the Wimbledon tennis games, especially the championships. Nowadays, thanks to technology, sports betting have reached a new level. It is now possible to bet on-line. Yes, there is no need to be in the actual location of the championship games, or perhaps spend too much time waiting for the results on TV. Online betting on Wimbledon tennis games is now possible with the help of the Internet. In line with this, there are some pre-set guidelines that needs to be followed by punters (people who bet) in order to get the most out of on-line betting.
Wimbledon betting may sound lucrative; however there are some benefits from waiting for the actual draw. For instance, betting on Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic after the draw will prove to be a smart move since their prices are not expected to change six months prior to the championship, unless they need to miss the tournaments. Thus, it is very important to wait for the draw before you identify who among the players will have an easy way going to the championship finals.
Some punters also focus their attention on the often called dark horses in the tournament. Still, they need to wait because they may get the opportunity of beating David Ferrer or Nicolas Almagro as compared to the lesser seeds. On the other hand, while the men’s tournament is typically dominated by a handful of players, the women’s tournament is considered as more open, and more exciting in. Maria Sharapova, Petra Kvitova, Victoria Azarenka and the sisters Venus and Serena Williams make the tournaments spiced up with excitement. Indeed, it is safe to say that a draw is more of an important factor, especially in women’s tennis betting.

If you feel that all the items presented above can be availed of only by going to Wimbledon and experiencing the live action, you’re not yet on the right track. It is possible to cast your bets on a certain player through on-line betting sites. The good thing about these on-line bookmakers is that you get to study really well the performance of the players you are rooting for. Updates are provided regularly, as well as the potential turnaround of the events in the game. They also give you idea regarding the performance of every player so that you are assured that your bet will simply not go to waste. Indeed, betting on-line on your favourite sport is not only fun, but also convenient at the same time.

New Football Season a Long Way Off!

If you are anything like me there is always a sense of emptiness when the football season comes to an end each year, especially those years when there is no World or European Cup to get you through the summer.

The fantasy football has finished for the year and all you have are what are mostly ridiculous transfer rumours to keep you going. Well all is not lost, as I have rekindled my childhood love for Football Manager on the advice of a friend and fellow commuter on the trains. So around £5 spent and I downloaded Football Manager 2013 onto my Android phone, what more can I say than I am completely addicted!!

The first choice was what team to try and take to glory…I went for Blackburn to try and bring back the glory days after the mess Steve Kean and Venkies have made of it. The aim was to get promoted in the first season and consolidate a position in the Premiership.

First let’s talk about the game play on a mobile device, before playing I thought it would be a bit limited but to my surprise the interface had all the functionality I would expect and more. You can change tactics, easily search for player and send your scouts out, manage your finances, set training schedules and make board requests as well as many other options I have yet to use. The in game screens are also great and show the usual commentary and in game highlights of goals, sending’s off and those rather annoying misses and dubious off-side decisions, not to mention those extremely annoying almost throw the phone across the room last minute conceded goals!

I started with Blackburn and a rather meagre 1.3 million transfer budget so had to trade in the transfer market to put together a decent squad. My advice would be to definitely check out the free transfers and loan market as soon as you start your season as there are some good players out there well beyond the buying powers of a lot of clubs.

To cut a long story short I managed promotion through the play-offs in my first season, Top ten in the Premiership in my second season. Now in my third season I’m top of the Premiership all on a shoe string budget which does suggest that the game does stretch reality a little bit!! Not that it takes the enjoyment away from the game as it makes the train journeys fly by and I’m sure the extended loo breaks at work won’t go unnoticed for too long when thinking just the one more game before I stop! Yes I probably am addicted to an unhealthy level when it comes to the game.

I would thoroughly recommend the game to any football fans that are looking for something to fill the gap in-between the seasons and considering the many hours game play I have had out of it the price is peanuts. So go on give it a go and get rid of those mid season blues.

Thanks for reading.