Missing the Premiership and No World Or Euro Cup Year!

It seems like an age since the English Premier League finished and a distant glimmer until it starts again. This is made particularly bad by the fact it is a summer with no World or European cup to get my teeth into and follow every day throughout the tournament, even it if it just waiting for the inevitable disappointing campaign by England.

Things will get better once the fantasy football leagues start trying to figure out your team on a budget and spot the new bargain transfer that has just come to the English League and sets the league alight with a hatful of goals before everyone else in your league does!

So with drastic times come drastic measures so I’m going to watch my first full women’s game of football tonight, England vs Spain in the UEFA Women’s Championship. I have tried getting on with women’s football before, although the skill of the players is good the pace of the game was just a bit too slow compared to what I’m used to watching in the Premier League week in week out. I’ve chosen this game as I don’t often give up the chance to support my country when it comes to sport and the day’s cricket action in the Ashes will be over by the time it’s on. Plus I feel I should give women’s football another go.

I also normally like to have a bet on the football when I’m watching, only a token amount to just to see if I can predict something in the game while profiting from it the same time. Not being one to throw my money away on a football bet I always do some research on the statistics for the game in question on one of the many sites available out there such as SoccerStats.com, Sky Sports or BBC Sports, once I have done this I normally have a reasonable idea on which bet I am going to place. So having done my research I have picked out 2 bets I will be placing. Firstly the over 1.5 goals market, even though there is not massive profit in this if it wins it is still what I consider a safe bet based on the goals statistics for both England and Spain in the UEFA Womens Championship. Secondly I am going to back an England win, it certainly is not a bet I would place during the equivalent men’s tournament against Spain!! But it is rather based on the England women’s team previous tournament experience and results compared to that of Spain.

Anyway wish me luck on winning a few pounds profit for a ice cold beer in these sweltering conditions and hopefully I will get to watch what will be an entertaining game, giving me something to fill the between season void and a new football tournament to follow through to the end.


2 thoughts on “Missing the Premiership and No World Or Euro Cup Year!

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