New Football Season a Long Way Off!

If you are anything like me there is always a sense of emptiness when the football season comes to an end each year, especially those years when there is no World or European Cup to get you through the summer.

The fantasy football has finished for the year and all you have are what are mostly ridiculous transfer rumours to keep you going. Well all is not lost, as I have rekindled my childhood love for Football Manager on the advice of a friend and fellow commuter on the trains. So around £5 spent and I downloaded Football Manager 2013 onto my Android phone, what more can I say than I am completely addicted!!

The first choice was what team to try and take to glory…I went for Blackburn to try and bring back the glory days after the mess Steve Kean and Venkies have made of it. The aim was to get promoted in the first season and consolidate a position in the Premiership.

First let’s talk about the game play on a mobile device, before playing I thought it would be a bit limited but to my surprise the interface had all the functionality I would expect and more. You can change tactics, easily search for player and send your scouts out, manage your finances, set training schedules and make board requests as well as many other options I have yet to use. The in game screens are also great and show the usual commentary and in game highlights of goals, sending’s off and those rather annoying misses and dubious off-side decisions, not to mention those extremely annoying almost throw the phone across the room last minute conceded goals!

I started with Blackburn and a rather meagre 1.3 million transfer budget so had to trade in the transfer market to put together a decent squad. My advice would be to definitely check out the free transfers and loan market as soon as you start your season as there are some good players out there well beyond the buying powers of a lot of clubs.

To cut a long story short I managed promotion through the play-offs in my first season, Top ten in the Premiership in my second season. Now in my third season I’m top of the Premiership all on a shoe string budget which does suggest that the game does stretch reality a little bit!! Not that it takes the enjoyment away from the game as it makes the train journeys fly by and I’m sure the extended loo breaks at work won’t go unnoticed for too long when thinking just the one more game before I stop! Yes I probably am addicted to an unhealthy level when it comes to the game.

I would thoroughly recommend the game to any football fans that are looking for something to fill the gap in-between the seasons and considering the many hours game play I have had out of it the price is peanuts. So go on give it a go and get rid of those mid season blues.

Thanks for reading.